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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Psalm 139:17,18 Passion Translation

Every single moment you are thinking of me!

How precious and wonderful to consider that you cherish me constantly in your every thought!

O God, your desires toward me are more than the grains of sand on every shore!

When I awake each morning, you're still with me.

I want to encourage you to recognize the thread of the love of God in your life. We all have days that we feel unseen and hidden. I don't know if you have felt that feeling recently, but I know I had several months in a row in the last few years where I felt completely unseen. I kept thinking what is going on God. It was almost as if I was invisible. However, this season of feeling overlooked in various different ways caused me to dialogue with God about the hidden places of my heart.

I started asking Him what is it that He is wanting me to uncover, search out. Is there a place in my heart where I am wishing I could leave covered, not exposed? These are some questions worth wrestling over, even in the midst of the disappointment I was feeling. As I pressed into the emotions of discouragement, doubt, or just pure disappointment, I felt like the message God was trying to tell me began to emerge out of hiding.

You see, so many times we look for affirmation and acknowledgement from others, people in our lives to affirm us in our value. I completely understand that we all need to hear positive and encouraging things from those we love, but how much more do we need to lay down the need for approval and receive true affirmation. There is only one place that true affirmation of worth, identity and love can come from. The affirmation that leaves us satisfied, confident, and bold only comes from our Father in heaven, the One that made us.

He alone knows the depths of our hearts and yet loves us the same. He alone can satisfy the longing in us to be noticed, to be valuable and to be seen. He is the only One that can truly love you inside and out, true intimacy. I am talking about an intimacy beyond what any human can give us. Earthly love is great and important, but it will never fill the void and the longing inside of us that can only be filled by our Creator, the lover of our soul.

He alone loves you unconditionally, completely, and endlessly. He loves us with an everlasting love that nothing can take away. He loves us so much He can't wait daily to share with us how much we mean to Him. The details of your life and my life are so important to God. He doesn't miss a moment. He isn't turned away from you or hiding from you. His thoughts toward you are too many to count. He even knows the number of hairs on your head and your next thought before you think it. He is closer than you know. He longs for you to turn to Him for your affirmation and validation. There isn't a moment He isn't for you, thinking of you and wanting to communicate with you.

He is so into the details of our lives, and every designer detail leads us to His love. This past weekend i was cleaning out a box of cards that I have saved. I was reading each and every card again and rembering special times . I had many cards from my husband, my kids, my mom and dad, and friends. I am quite sentimental and love to reminisce and each card is so special to me.

I just happened to open one card that had these beautiful butterflies on the front of it in soft pastel colors. Inside it read, "Diana, my treasured friend, I saw these butterflies and I INSTANTLY thought of you! You will be going to far places and great heights! Doors of evangelism will be wide open and you!!! God is with you!!! He is going before you and He is your Rear Guard! Rejoice!!! I love you!" I read this card and started to cry and mascara ran down my cheeks because God just showed up. It is so amazing that God can use a card from my mentor, Terri, that was given to me over 5 years ago, to minister to the depths of my heart the sweet message that I was seen by Him. You may be asking yourself what was so special about this card. It is so interesting that God has used butterflies over the last year after my mom passed away to continually speak to me that He is with me. Last year in April after my mom's memorial service, God started strategically placing butterflies right in my path for me to see almost everyday. I would see a butterfly everyday and in all different locations. God would even have them fly right in front of me so I could see them. It was truly a gift from Him! Each time I saw a beautiful butterfly, I felt Him say to me "I am with you". Now, much time has gone by since my mom's service last year and God shows up to give me a love letter saying, "I see you and I am with you". This beautiful card confirms His love to me. Can you even believe that He planned this for me over five years ago, even before my mom died, to find this card and hear His whispers of love. God planned this detail and knew I would find a card that would show me He is with me. He is so into the details of our lives, and every designer detail leads us to His love.

It is simple as asking Him to show you the details of your life that He is right in the midst of because of His love for you. He will show you the thread of His love. It is connected to the thoughts He has for you to prosper you, not harm you but give you a hope and a future. His love is wild for you and will overtake you if you will let Him into your heart to be your everything. He is the God who sees you. He is the God that has planned good for you before you were even born. He is the one that made you and paid the ultimate price for you, death on a cross , because you are so very valuable to Him. Run to His arms today to be held, validated and seen by the God who loves you more than you can even imagine. Take some time this week to be seen by Him and hear what He thinks about you.

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