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In Over My Head

Have you ever felt in over your head about a situation you are facing in life? If you haven't, that is amazing, but I have many many times throughout my life. I have been in a position multiple times that the challenge I am facing sounds like crashing waves that will take me under. I have fought to keep my head above water and just survive. There are times in my life that I have actually thought this is too much for me to handle. I first thought I was managing life well and then suddenly I was in a state of confusion, feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for a solution. Over and over again, my training ground for becoming a warrior has been in the area of marriage, family and relationships. Parenting is one of the absolute hardest things I have ever done. I don't think anyone told me it could be so hard and challenging at times. If you have not hit any of these "in over your head situations" yet then maybe you can listen to these truths and be prepared and equipped when it does hit. I have three amazing kids that are 13, 16, and 20. From toddler years to teenage years to young adult years, the challenges have gone from be drained over discipline to extremely difficult at times.

I know that one time when my oldest son was 2 years old I truly felt like God had called the wrong person to be his mom. He was a strong willed child that tested every border there was and pushed beyond the limit often. He would climb out of his high chair at the dinner table, climb out of his crib in his room and beat us to the door, and then shockingly climb out of his car seat while I was driving a couple of times. I would show up to my mom and dad's house in tears asking how can I handle him, he is too much for me. One day, I finally came to the end of myself and my efforts and cried out to God to please help me. He gently reminded me to ask Him for solutions instead of constantly complaining. I remember saying to the Lord, please give me a creative idea to better parent my son and keep my own sanity. Later that night at a dinner party, a thought popped into my head. I felt like God said to me that if I keep saying I can't do this and I am so overwhelmed and keep using my mouth to complain, then I will get exactly that. If I will dare to change my talk about my son and intentionally choose words of life, I will see a change in his behavior. The moment I heard the Holy Spirit whisper this to me I knew it was a lifeline of hope that was thrown out to me and now the choice is mine. I chose to obey this prompting and call things that are not as though they are. This is what faith does. Faith sees the result, speaks the result and believes the result long before it manifests. I sat my son down in his high chair and I had made a list of declarations that were about who he was created to be. They went something like this:

Austin loves the Lord, Austin loves to obey his parents, Austin loves to share his toys, Austin is filled with joy, Austin is a great listener.......... You get the idea. I said everything I wanted to see in Austin's character and behavior. I said it and then had him repeat it out loud after me. It didn't change the circumstances overnight, but in two weeks Austin's behavior and attitude started to change. It completely worked!!!

I was so excited that it worked! Thank you Lord for God-solutions. I have so needed Him to breathe on me His wisdom and truth as a mom because the battles have intensified and the challenges bigger.

The Holy Spirit has every single answer we need in our everyday practical lives. He knows the very thing that will unlock the future, it is God's Word activated in our lives. When we take the living Word of God and use it as a sword to be a warrior in our families, the Holy Spirit comes along side us and gives us His supernatural strength for whatever challenge we face. We don't have what it takes on our own to handle the mountains that the enemy puts in front of us. Only with the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us can we move the mountains out of the way with faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God.

God designed us to handle the challenges of marriage, parenting, family, friends, health, and finances all through HIs strength and ability in us. He infuses strength into us, divine solutions into us, and supernatural ability to be a warrior as we lean entirely on Him and come to the end of ourselves. Every opportunity that comes disguised to us as a mountain that can't be climbed is actually a Divine set up to experience God's power in our lives. He can't wait to help you, counsel you and give you warrior strength for when the battle heats up. Jesus told us that in this world you will have trouble but fear not I have overcome the world. I am so glad you and I are not on our own to figure things out but we have a Father God that is ready to flow His power through us to be the women of God He has called us to be.

John 14:26

But the Helper ( Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name (in My place, to represent Me and act on my behalf), He will teach you all things. And He will help you remember everything I have told you.

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