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Marriage Goals

This Saturday August 10th, my husband and I will be celebrating 23 years of marriage!

It is so amazing to see how fast time travels. Actually, time flies!!! I can't believe it has already been 23 years but yet it also feels like we have been together so long and it is so natural. We are so grateful for the journey of marriage. We love how it has shaped us and refined us to become better together than we are separate.

God has truly used our relationship as iron sharpening iron to make us stronger and more effective. Our journey is probably a lot like yours with twists, hills, valleys and some unexpected turns. It hasn't always been a bed of roses or tip towing through the tulips with no problems or real issues. We all, every marriage, has issues regardless of how great the people are, or how Godly they are, or how long they have been married. Every marriage takes work as a team and intentional effort in order to truly thrive like God has designed marriage to be.

Every great marriage has been built through intentional growth. Great marriages don't just happen but truly are built on a solid foundation of Jesus Christ and then begin construction on the "home" that will become a refuge for one another. What I am sharing with you today is totally possible for any couple to build no matter what their past has looked like. The past doesn't have authority over your future unless you give it. You and your husband can truly build the marriage of your dreams with the help of the Holy Spirit and a lot of intentional living. It is possible for anybody! I love that! There are no magic formulas or perfect combinations of people to have incredible marriages. There is simply hard work, submission to God, humility, and a desire to grow together!

With God on your side, nothing is too difficult for you. He has promised us that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ that has given us the victory. This victory through Jesus Christ includes victory in our marriages and victory in our circumstances. The difference between a victorious, thriving marriage and a defeated, struggling marriage is the Holy Spirit's help! With His help you and I can conquer the flesh. With His help, you and I can walk in humility and grace. With His help you and I can live beyond our emotions and walk in the Spirit with the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. With His help, you and I can grow and become the wife God has called us to be through Him empowering us to change. With His help, you and I can build from the ground up a new "home" that will truly be a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit to rule in our homes and a refuge for your family. It truly is possible. If you have lost hope or you are discouraged today about your current place in your marriage, there is hope for a bright future and a new "home". God is the God of all HOPE! He is the author and the finisher! He is the builder and He is the creator. Nothing is too difficult for Him. Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." He is the God of miracles!

I know that in my marriage journey I have felt many different emotions, from elated joy to disappointment to discouragement. However, when I turn my focus onto God and the truth that He has a purpose for marriage which it is to bring Him glory and represent Him on the earth, my attitude changes. I realize it is about yielding to the plan of God in surrender and asking Him to help me have vision to see His purposes. He will rescue me every time when I simply ask Him to help me. He is my helper and He will do the same thing for you. He is ready and willing to help you today.

You may just want to take your marriage from good to great, and that is a wonderful goal. wherever you are today in your marriage journey, know that God can't wait to help you grow and have the marriage of your dreams! He is for you! He will help you reach new places of growth in your marriage. It all begins with you recognizing your need for His help and asking Him to show you how to be the wife He called you to be.

Today is the day for new goals and new dreams to be stirred in your heart. You can begin again! Goals help us define the direction we want to go in! Take some time with your husband to stir up the vision of what you want your marriage to become. Ask Him to paint the picture of His dream for your marriage and begin building your dream "home" today!

*Take Time to Learn to Communicate- Set A Goal to Join A Class or Group this Fall that will help you learn skills to communicate more effectively

*Take Time to Play Together- Find an activity that you both can enjoy and start spending intentional time together having fun and learning to enjoy each other's company

*Take Time to Pray Together-Praying together as a couple can truly begin to transform your marriage. It will soften your hearts towards one another and mostly open your hearts up for God to help you change into the image of Jesus.

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