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Never Give Up

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons.

I adore everything about fall from the pumpkin spice lattes, the hayrides, the pumpkin apple candles, the best Texas chili, and football season!

I have two amazing sons and one princess daughter. When my oldest son, who is twenty now, was about 6 years old, he was very interested in football. He started studying all the players and could tell you NFL stats and names of his favorite quarterbacks. I was not a huge football fan at that time, but I decided that since I have two sons and a husband that really like watching football that I would make the decision to join them. I started to learn the names of the players and became interested in their stories. The more I learned about the players and became interested in the teams, the more I enjoyed football. I became a true boy mom and made up my mind to get into it with them. It totally worked and I became a huge football fan. My oldest son started playing quarterback in 4th grade for his youth football team, which was tackle football and hard for any mom to watch! My second son also decided to start playing football in 4th grade. My husband was in heaven getting to watch his sons on the field and go out and work with them on their football skills. If you have young kids that are excited about an activity or sport they really like, I would advise you to jump on board and get as into it as you can so you are fully engaged in their world. This also does wonders for a husband and wife relationship to become interested in what the other one really enjoys.

As far as football goes, my household really loves college football! We so look forward to Labor Day Weekend when all of the football goes into full swing and we get to watch so many amazing athletes and cheer for our favorite teams. My oldest son attends college at Oklahoma University and so we definitely are Sooner fans and watch every game we can and cheer for them.

My husband and I recently watched a super fun college football game together! He is a graduate of University of Colorado and so he loves to follow them in football. We just watched Colorado Buffs play Nebraska and it was actually a really slow game all the way until the 4th quarter. I actually said to my husband that it was such a bad game that lets just turn it off. The score was 17 to 0 going into the 4th quarter, then all of the sudden the spark was lit. Colorado made a comeback and scored 24 points in the 4th quarter and the score was 31 to 31

and went into overtime. The Buffaloes ended up winning 34 to 31 and had a massive comeback story for Colorado football. It was such an exciting ending! This game was a really fun college football game and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

As I thought about this football game, it started to really hit me that it would have been so easy to give up and quit, believing that the game was over. I was ready to give up on the Buffalos and think they were going to lose. However, the comeback of the 4th quarter was truly amazing and exciting! I think this is a lot like life. It is tempting to think it is time to give up and just accept defeat, but that is when we have to keep pressing on and know that we have the opportunity right in front of us to flip around defeat to victory. I believe that the mindset of victory will not allow you and me to quit. It isn't over until it is over. There is always time to come back and overturn the results from what looks like a defeat into a victory just by not giving up but fighting back to victory. As I look at my life, there have been so many times that I have been tempted to quit because things were looking dim and looked like no way possible to win. However, the grit and determination to never give up has driven me to dig in deeper even when it hurts and pursue victory! God has victory in store for each one of us because we are on the winning side! We have the victory because of Jesus Christ and His victory is our victory!

God is good and He will bring us through in victory in every circumstance we face if we will have the resolve to persist. Persistence and patience are so valuable to be steady in our race. I believe marriage and parenting are two of the biggest areas that the devil tries to tell us to give up and that what we are doing isn't working. However, this is a lie. Regardless of how things may look, God is on our side and He will strengthen us to have victory in every area if we won't give up. It is never too late for victory and anything is possible! God is a master at the impossible! We have the victory even when it looks like we are defeated, if we will not quit but hang on to hope, we will have victory!

I am encouraging you today that whatever you are facing, believe again and hope again, because it isn't over! God is on your side and if He is on your side than who can be against you! You are an overcomer and you will walk in victory over your circumstances if you will not give up and put all your hope in the God of the impossible.

1 Corinthians 15:57 NIV But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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