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Wonder Working Power

One of the best movies I saw in 2017 was Wonder Woman. I loved the story line of Wonder Woman and the character development. I felt like the main character, Diana, was a great representation of a powerful woman. Diana had strength, grace, courage mixed with beauty. She had a heart of compassion and she believed she had the ability to change the world by doing her part to defeat evil in the world. There were so many great scenes from this movie it is hard to choose a favorite. If I had to choose a favorite part, I would say it would be when she is with the guys walking in amongst the military troops in the trenches. The guys told her to not go up out of the hideout because it was called “no man’s land”. The troops had not been able to advance from that particular location for months and months. Diana saw a woman and a baby crying with no hope of survival and realized there are many more like them that are depending on someone to come to their rescue. As she was moved with compassion, she boldly stepped out in courage to go past the point of what was the safe zone. She took the responsibility on that if "these people need help, I have to be the one to help them". Her brave and bold response came from her inner strength of identity. See, Diana believed she was queen of the amazons and had the power to overcome the evil villain that had taken the people captive. Diana had an inner knowledge of her true identity that was a special breed of people designed to defeat evil and protect people from the forces of darkness.

Her faith in her wonder working powers came from her sense of knowing who she was, she was queen of the amazons and she knew her hidden identity even if others didn't know it. In this scene, she makes a bold move to advance into no mans land and run straight towards the fight. She felt like her wonder woman powers would give her the ability to take enemy ground and advance her life mission to defeat the powers of darkness and set captives free. She bravely runs into bullets flying and is able to deflect every bullet. She is not afraid and led the way so that the military men could now join her and begin to take the territory back. She was a pioneer, one that believed it was possible so she led the way. As a result, she freed many prisoners that were women and children and gave them their life back. These people she fought for deserved freedom and deserved to feel valuable enough to be rescued from eminent danger. Diana became the hero that set many captives free and defeated the powerful forces of darkness with her wonder woman power. So many people got to have freedom because Diana embraced her true identity and believed that she was set apart for greatness.

I know I am describing a movie, but I truly believe that God can use even movies to speak to us His message. If we listen, He can show us the parallels of our own lives and the message He would like to share with us at this season of our lives. I loved this movie from the moment I first saw it, but God has used it multiple times to stir me up in my identity in Him. Most recently, God gave me more words of confidence and His wonder working power He desires to show through me. I was taking an Equip Class, which is a class to learn and grow in God, a week ago when God brought this movie up again. The teacher asked us to think about our identity and write down who we think we are. She then asked us to write down who God thinks we are. Next she asked us to write down who we think Jesus is. Lastly, she asked us to close our eyes and ask God to show us anything He wants to give us that is about who we are, our identity. I closed my eyes and I immediately saw a huge, shiny, powerful sword in my hands. I then saw this scene from Wonder Woman playing out in my head, where I am down in the trenches and decide to go over the wall into no man’s land and head straight for enemy territory. I ran with a sword and a shield that was deflecting every bullet or arrow coming my way. I was taking territory back from the enemy in order to set captives free. I was using all the supernatural wonder working power of God to defeat the schemes and plans of the enemy to hold people captive that deserved to be set free. Wow!!! It was such a vivid picture in my mind that God gave me. I believe He was whispering to my identity and who He has called me to be. He needs me to see it and believe it. The more I believe I am who God says I am the more I can walk out my true identity and be the real wonder woman that God has called me and empowered me to be. He sees me as the powerful woman of God that He created, a woman of strength, grace, truth, and beauty. He sees you like this too. He made you to have wonder working power flowing through you because He is your Father that has created you powerful. Because your Father God has all power, He can use you to carry out His missions here on earth to defeat the evil in this world. 1 John 4:4 says “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater that he who is in the world”. This verse means that God in us is greater and stronger than the devil and his power in this world. So embrace your true identity today and be the Wonder Woman God has called you to be. You have what it takes, even if your name isn't Diana! He knows your name and He calls you Wonder Woman!

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